Welcome To Epic Surf Tours

ESCAPE. We're all tired of being cooped up and we're so ready to live again. If you're ready for an EPIC surf adventure, you've come to the right place.

Epic Surf Tours... organizing the opportunities for you to revitalize and create lifelong friendships by way of offering the ultimate travel experiences for wave riders and ocean lovers new and old. With my worry-free adventures, you'll recharge, respect and experience something epic and walk away feeling refreshed and excited to learn and experience more from life and from the ocean.

Hi. I'm Captain Manny Vargas. I've been running surf adventure tours since 2003 and have been traveling the world in search of waves for over 25 years. I want to share all my ocean experience and surfing knowledge with you. On all Epic Surf Tours adventures, I take out all the worries and hassles that come with the logistics when going on the search for waves. Please have a look around and hit me back with any questions that you may have about any tour packages, photo/video sessions and Video Surf Coaching. Let's do this! #DoEpicShit

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