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From Our EPIC Friends

Having surfed for a little over a year, I'm still getting my feet wet in the waves, so I was excited to get a visual on what I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing right. Manny was super friendly and fun and managed to get tons of great shots of each of the four surfers in our San Diego Surf Ladies group. He delivered an epic number of photos and drone videos from the shoot, beautiful clear pictures and perfect short clips. The experience was a pleasure! 

Kristen F.

SDSL Epic Photo / Drone Shoot

If you have ever wanted to have surf or video footage of your surfing, Manny is your guy! His photos are very high quality and capture your entire wave start to finish. He is so helpful in pointing out the best spot to be for less crowds and good waves. I also could not believe how quickly I received the photos and videos back (same day)! So many of us spend so much time in the water, yet have zero photos to capture our love of surfing. This is definitely worth it! I can't wait to go on one of his Baja trips next!


Photo/Video/Drone Session

Manny was fantastic. I had a great time aboard the Epic Boat 01 La Mar. Manny was prompt and ready to rock and roll right at 6:30am. His boat was super tidy and organized, and dropped a ton of knowledge on the surrounding area as we ventured out and returned. He explained all the breaks to us, what to look out for and was attentive to the conditions that day. It is obvious that Manny has poured a lot of love into this business, and it shows from the experience we had. I will ABSOLUTELY be returning for another epic boat trip. Thanks Manny!