San Diego 7-Day Surf Adventure

Really quick... until we start pushing these trips full-on, the 7-Day San Diego Surf Adventure will be based on your dates and availability. If you have your crew of 2 to 4 friends, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let's start setting up your adventure. For now, stop feeding yourself with excuses and come to my hometown and let me show you how amazing San Diego really is.

I've been putting together tours around the world for nearly 20 years and it wasn't 'til 2019 when I said to myself... "Whoa, I live in one of the world's coolest surfing meccas. I'm going to organize the best surf trips right here in my hometown." Introducing San Diego 7-Day Surf Adventure.

Your epic surf trip to San Diego will start off with a welcome dinner with a run down of your week in paradise. I'll lay out what we have on tap for your full week of exploration. We'll hunt down the empty peaks that do exist in this part of the world. Just like all my other surf trips, yes, we are all about finding waves and surfing our brains out, but I also want to show you the beautiful things that make San Diego "America's Finest City."

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