AVAILABILITY CALENDAR LISTED BELOW *Epic Boat Trips need to be booked 13 hours prior to the departure date.

Just like all my other surf trips, we’re all about finding waves, having fun, and surfing our brains out. And on this particular trip, I also want to show you the beautiful things that make San Diego "America's Finest City." With that being said, safety will be at the top of the priority list when venturing out. All commands from your captain must be followed.

Respecting the surfers that have been going to these sacred waves for decades, you will be briefed on surfing etiquette, safety and respect on the way out to the breaks.

Price: Now Through September 30th - Only $75/Person! $129/person if booking for 1 person ||| $114/person if booking for 2 people ||| $99/person if booking for 3 people
Booking: For a discounted rate, one person must select the 2 or 3 person option at the time of booking.
Maximum Surfers: 3 (we do not want to crowd the breaks)
Minimum Surfers: 1
Duration: 4.5 Hours (Morning & Afternoon Options)
Location: Spot X
Wave Riding Vehicle: All Types
Experience: Novice - Pro (Dependent on swell size). This surf trip is not for beginners. Able to swim and knowledge of pecking order hierarchy must be known.

On the way out to the sacred breaks, you will be briefed on the breaks and more importantly, respect. Respecting the locals, the reefs, and mother nature is just shy of our priority… SAFETY. When the waves are pumping, we could expect a crowd out there. On the other hand, we could end up being the only ones in the line. Either way, and I'll say it again, respect is right up there with safety.

Once you’re confirmed, you'll be sent an Epic Boat Trip info sheet with details on what to bring and what to expect. This trip is four and a half hours from beginning to end. No need for a suitcase. Simply show up ready to surf. Yup, wetsuit on and ready.

The price of the boat trip covers these essentials (while on La Mar - Epic Boat 01)

  • U.S. Coast Guard Certified Boat Captain
  • Certified CPR/First Aid Surf Guide/Instructor (Former California State Lifeguard)
  • Boat Trip To Secret Surf Locations
  • Prepackaged Box Lunch, Water & Light Snacks

Quick Checklist (detailed 10-Point Checklist sent after booking)
-Dress Warm. Windbreaker Jacket, Gloves, And Beanie Suggested For The Boat Ride
-One Bag For Wetsuit, Booties, Surf Gear (Cinch Bag Is Perfect)
-One Small Bag For Personal Items (Waterproof Suggested)
-One Board (A Marbella Surfboard will be available for you to try)
-Show Up In Wetsuit Ready To Rock
-No Buckets Or Tubs
-No Bananas On Boat (Eat Them Before Boarding)
-No Shoes That Leave Skid Markings

Find a couple of friends and book today! Or come solo!

Price: Now Through September 30th - Only $75/Person! $129/person if booking for 1 person ||| $114/person if booking for 2 people ||| $99/person if booking for 3 people
Booking: For a discounted rate, one person must select the 2 or 3 person option at the time of booking.

Please email me with any and all questions you may have. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Due to The Health Officer Order from the County of San Diego, taking part in any tour/trip from Epic Surf Tours may exceed those regulations set forth in the order. You will be asked to voluntarily sign a Covid-19 Release of Liability form before any services are rendered. In addition, when possible, face masks and social distancing will be enforced. Thank you.

$ 75.00 4 hours & 30 min.
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I've had the pleasure to enjoy several epic trips with Manny. Baja Weekenders among them. I had a great time every time. Lots of laughs with old and new friends on the quest for waves and authentic food. I can't recommend these trips enough. Most recently however, my friend and I set out with Manny at first light to catch some waves right here in San Diego. The water of the bay was beautifully glassy, it was glowing pink and gold under the sky of the rising sun. Seeing the town we have lived and surfed in for so many years from the water's perspective during the boat ride was a bonus. A few new things to see and learn each way! Most importantly though, we learned about those breaks that are inaccessible via land and we caught many many fun waves. I was stoked - and back at work in the afternoon. One of the best 1/2 day staycations I can imagine. Maybe next time I'll pick an afternoon session :-)  Manny is a professional all around waterman - former lifeguard, licensed captain, waverider,...I have always felt safe getting on board with Captain Manny. Highly recommended!!!

Eva T.

Manny is the man! A true professional that takes pride in his work. From the beginning of the morning 'till the end, Manny was efficient in his use of time, safety, and joy! He ensured safety was a high priority while also maximizing the stoke level and ensuring everyone had a great time! He knows all the great spots, and how to seek them out to ensure max wave count! You will not be disappointed with Manny at the helm.

Kyle Buckett

We had a blast on our boat trip! Manny is a pro. He has all of the local knowledge and is a wealth of knowledge. We were stoked to have empty waves in San Diego! Highly recommended!