The Coolest Thing You Can Do As A San Diego Native Or Visiting Wave Rider.

Quick Note: Pricing will be $406 per time slot (6:30am-11am & 11:30am-4pm) starting June 1st. Bookings before then will remain the same at $99/person.

This surf trip is Epic. Captaining these surf trips reminds me of the first time I jumped off a boat to ride waves... straight into the line-up and no sand on your feet after your session. If you're looking for a recharge on stoke... this is it amigos. Come enjoy this quick escape to the raw beauty of San Diego.

Like all Epic Surf Trips, it's always about Respect, Safety, finding Empty waves, and having as much Fun as possible. Here's your opportunity to experience something very rejuvenating. 

San Diego is full of history. On your way out of San Diego Bay and towards the surf, I'll point out many of the amazing sights & facts about "America's Finest City." From the local Kumeyaay nation to the current military presence, San Diego is full of noteworthy history.

Respecting the surfers that have been going to these sacred waves for decades, you will be briefed on surfing etiquette, safety and respect.

Price: $99/person  (plus 4% transaction fee)
Booking: Scroll down and choose your date. An option for time slots will appear below the calendar. Choose your time slot and click BOOK NOW.
Maximum Surfers: 3 (we do not want to crowd the breaks)
Minimum Surfers: 2
Duration: 4.5 Hours (Morning & Afternoon Options)
Location: Spot X
Wave Riding Vehicle: All Types
Experience: Beginners/Novice (1-2 feet swell) - Intermediate/Pro (3 feet and above swell)

AVAILABILITY CALENDAR LISTED BELOW *Epic Boat Trips need to be booked 13 hours prior to the departure date.

On the way out to the sacred breaks, you will be briefed on the breaks and more importantly, respect. Respecting the locals, the reefs, and Mother Nature is just shy of our priority… SAFETY. When the waves are pumping, we could expect a crowd out there. On the other hand, we could end up being the only ones in the lineup. Your best option for empty waves will be midweek.

Once you’re confirmed, you'll be sent an Epic Boat Trip info sheet with details on what to bring and what to expect. This trip is four and a half hours from beginning to end. No need for a suitcase. Simply show up ready to surf.

The price of the boat trip covers these essentials (while on La Mar - Epic Boat 01)

  • U.S. Coast Guard Certified Boat Captain
  • Certified CPR/First Aid Surf Guide/Instructor (Former California State Lifeguard)
  • Boat Trip To Secret Surf Locations
  • Prepackaged Box Lunch, Water & Light Snacks

Quick Checklist (detailed 10-Point Checklist sent after booking)
-Dress Warm. Windbreaker Jacket, Gloves, And Beanie Suggested For The Boat Ride
-One Bag For Wetsuit, Booties, Surf Gear (Cinch Bag Is Perfect)
-One Small Bag For Personal Items (Waterproof Suggested)
-One Board (A Marbella Surfboard will be available for you to try)
-Show Up In Wetsuit Ready To Rock
-No Buckets Or Tubs
-No Bananas On Boat (Eat Them Before Boarding)
-No Shoes That Leave Skid Markings

Come solo or find a couple of friends and book today!

Price: $99/person (plus 4% transaction fee)
Booking: Scroll down and choose your date. An option for time slots will appear below the calendar. Choose your time slot and click BOOK NOW.


Please email me with any and all questions you may have. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

$ 99.00 4 hours & 30 min.
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The boat tours are great! Manny knows great breaks for different preferences and swells. The boat is also great and the itinerary and amenities work perfectly for surfing. We even got some pictures taken surfing, and the quality was really good.

Jana F

Epic Boat Trip

Manny's local knowledge and experience makes him a phenomenal host. It felt like a mini tour of the stunning bay as we voyaged out to the breaks. The group size was perfect and we felt privelaged to have a break all to ourselves.


Epic Boat Trip

We are so happy we did this Epic Boat Trip! We all grew up in San Diego but we had never seen this side of it and we were stoked to check it out! Manny is the best boat captain you could hope for! Not only is he a surfer who embodies the aloha spirit but he's a knowledgeable local as well! It doesn't get any better than this! Whether you're brand new to the area or an old native like me, you're going to love seeing the surf from this new angle! We can't wait to do another trip with Manny!


Epic Boat Trip

Empty waves, super safe guiding, and a glorious morning at sea, what more could we ask for? As always, the most amazing surf day with Captain Manny. His local knowledge is unbeatable and his love for surfing and the water are so evident. Thank you for another epic boat trip and helping us to find a spot all to ourselves. We'll need a recovery day or 2 for the arms, and then we'll be back for sure.